Bluechip Casino Terms & Conditions

All customers who use the casino’s products or services must comply with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are fair and equitable. You must adhere to them if you don’t want to use our casino. These terms and conditions may be changed at any time. Please check this page periodically for the most current information. You are not required to notify us if we make changes to the site. These terms and conditions are valid only as is. You can only read the terms and conditions from our site if you are reading them from another website or the English version.

Participation and Jurisdiction

Our casino does not permit anyone under 18 to play. We have the right to verify that users are following all the rules and Bluechip casino products. Without warning, we might ask you for proof of your identity, address, or other information.

The player accepts full responsibility for all actions while playing at our casino. This term also includes compliance with laws in your country. Bluechip Casino is not responsible if you violate any laws in your country while playing at the casino.

Customer Account at Casino

A new customer must give complete information at the time of registration. The information must be true and not fabricated. Bluechip Casino will ask for documents to verify your identity and address if there are inaccuracies. If the verification is not possible, Bluechip Casino reserves the right to close the client’s account or suspend it. We also reserve the right to seize the entire amount.

If the client’s registration information has changed, he must completely replace the outdated information with the new. Any changes to the account information must be reported to the technical support department of the casino.

Bluechip Casino players can only maintain one account. We have the right to close all accounts that are created by the same registered user.

Each player is responsible for his actions while using the account. All activity that is not done with the correct username or password is invalid. Bluechip Casino cannot be held responsible for any loss or corruption of account information. Bluechip Casino will not be held responsible for any funds that are lost.

Bluechip Casino reserves the right to suspend or block an account without prior notice for any personal reason.

Account check

Bluechip Casino can request documentation from clients to confirm the information that we need. If necessary, we may request documents to be certified by a Notary Public. All documents must be taken in high quality and all characters displayed. If the information provided is not of high quality, you will be asked to submit the documents again.

We might ask for proof of identity (passport or driving licence) and proof that the client is located (bank statements, utility bills). Other types of documentation might also be required if necessary.

False information may result in the termination of verification and account blocking.

Casino Outages

Software failures are not our responsibility. We cannot accept liability for any losses or profits. All play may be cancelled and funds refunded to accounts in the event of a casino crash. If we find that a customer is playing on purpose due to a software error or failure, the account can be blocked.

Responsible gambling

Bluechip Casino is not responsible for any mental or physical problems that may result from casino gambling. We recommend that players take short breaks from gambling activities for a few weeks to avoid gambling addiction. If gambling addiction is already developing, it is recommended to seek professional help.

Bonus Balance and Cash Balance

The player will receive a bonus balance from the promotion and a cash balance from his deposit. Only the player has met all wagering requirements before the bonus balance can be cashed out. All wagering requirements start the moment that the bonus and cash account balances are topped up.

Funds will be taken from the bonus and cash balances when you play, in accordance to the amount. The cash balance can be withdrawn at any time by the player, while the bonus balance cannot be withdrawn immediately.

General Terms and Conditions for Bonus Offers

Except as stated in the bonus, all promotions cannot be used more than once. Bluechip Casino reviews all bonus offers regularly and reserves the right to remove or modify bonus offers.

All bonuses accepted will last up to 60 calendar days. After that time, they will automatically expire. The casino can, if it so chooses, ban certain customers from participating in a promotion.

Winnings and Payments

It is not allowed for players to finance their accounts using money obtained through illegal activity. Bluechip Casino reserves the right to seize any money received from clients due to suspected fraud. All winnings are credited to the cleared casino account balance of the player in their casino currency. A player can withdraw any amount of his casino balance by entering the required amount in the casino, and then choosing a withdrawal method.

The cash withdrawn will be held in pending status for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the withdrawal will be processed on the next business day. They will not be available for partial or complete reversal until the funds have been processed.

Bluechip Casino will make payments once they have been issued. It may take some time before the funds are transferred to your financial account. The time it takes to process payments varies depending on the payment method used and the bank. This is beyond our control. Bluechip Casino cannot be held responsible for delays in transferring funds to your bank account.