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Data Controller: You will find the name and address for the data controller in the footer section of this website.

Bluechip refers to the Data Controller as the Trading Name for purposes of this Privacy Policy.

Bluechip’s data processing practices are described in this Privacy Policy. It was last updated on 22/07/2022.

Bluechip likes to make it easy and simple for customers. This includes being transparent, clear and open about what data we collect and how we use it.

This policy explains in detail how we use personal data. This policy contains information that you might not be aware of about your data privacy rights and the circumstances under which we obtain and share your information. It also explains how we use your information to personalize communications. Please take the time to read each section.

We will notify you if there are any changes to this policy.

All employees receive regular Information Security training. They are required to adhere to confidentiality protocols and internal procedures when handling your data.

We hope that you find this page helpful. If you have any questions about Data Protection, please email our Data Protection Department:

Our Privacy Policy Promise

Bluechip respects and values the privacy of our customers. We make the following promise.

Bluechip respects your privacy. Your personal information is used to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Your personal information will be kept safe. We will always be transparent about how and why we collect personal information. We will inform you of your choices and rights and we will respect them.

What information are we collecting?

Two types of data are collected:

  • Personal Information This information is used to identify an individual. These information are sent directly to you by you. They include your telephone number, full name, email address, home address and birth date. We also need financial information such as credit card numbers, means of payment and any other financial information that may be required in order to provide our services. Other information, such as IP address and geolocation data, is also collected from your device. We also collect information about your activities on our services (eg pages visited, online browsing, clicks and actions). ).
  • Non-Personal Information. This is unidentified information that relates to you and may be collected by us when you use our services. We do not know the identity of the user. This information includes aggregate usage information and technical data transmitted by your device. It may include certain software information such as the type of browser and operating systems used by your device and language preference. Also, the domain name and access time of the website from which you linked to our services. This information is used to improve our services’ functionality.

When we combine Personal Information and Non-Personal Information together, it will be considered Personal Information as long as the information remains combined.

How do we collect your information?

Collecting Information about You, From You!

Bluechip may collect personal information whenever you use its services. Some of this information is provided by you directly, such as when you open an account or deposit money into it. Other information collected by us during interactions with you includes: chats with our Bluechip Customer Service (with your permission), bets placed and chats. We also collect the way that you access, view and share, contribute, and communicate with us via our channels social media and other functions. Cookies are used to do all this. If you give your consent, we may also record any phone conversations. For more information about cookies, please see the section dedicated to them.

Your device can collect information about you

Bluechip collects information about the devices you use to access Bluechip content, products, and services. This information includes, but not limited to: your IP address (a number that identifies an individual device on the Internet), hardware model, operating systems, and version numbers.

Cookies used to collect information about you

For system administration purposes and reporting aggregate information to our advertisers, we may collect information about you computer. This includes, where possible, your IP address and operating system. This information is statistical data that tracks the browsing habits and patterns of our users and does not identify anyone.

We may also obtain information about your Internet use using cookies stored on your browser or your computer’s hard disk. Cookies are information that is transferred to your computer’s drive. Cookies help us improve our website, and offer a more personal service. Some cookies are necessary for the website’s operation. We can group the cookies we use into four distinct categories. These are described in the section below.

External companies collect information about you

We have created this social responsibility checklist to help us comply with our Know Your Customer (KYC), regulatory and legal requirements.

  • When you open your account, we may cross-reference the information you have provided to us with external/governmental companies for anti-fraud, money laundering and identity verification processes as well as to verify that you are registered with them because you requested not to be allowed to play. To receive promotional content.
  • To verify your information, we use publicly available information from social media sites and other similar sites. After verification, we save and record the results.

What information can we use?

This Privacy Policy outlines the methods in which we use and share Personal Information. Only the required information will be shared with a third party for the purpose specified in this Privacy Policy. In such cases, we ask the third party to consent to processing such information in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Data will not be disclosed to anyone outside of your country. In the unlikely event of such a transfer, however, we will take all necessary steps to ensure your data is treated securely within the European Union, and in compliance with this Privacy Policy. We will also update the Privacy Policy to reflect data transfer across borders and privacy protections.

We collect information, including “Personal Information”, for the following purposes:

  • To create an account and provide our services. This includes identifying and verifying personal data, sending checks and processing payments. We also consult the national self-suspension register to determine if we can allow you access to online games or marketing materials. The legal and legal basis of all activities that are mentioned in the execution or fulfillment of regulatory or legal obligations.
  • Authenticate and identify your access to specific resources
  • Indicate that you have won in the winner announcements on our website or in a tournament

Your username is used to create leaderboards We recommend that you do not provide any personal information about yourself, but it is up to you.

  • We will communicate with you and keep your informed about the latest developments.
  • Advertise our products and services, or those of our business partners or affiliates.

We send advertising

  • To improve our services and tailor them to your interests and needs, you can conduct a survey.
  • We are here to help you troubleshoot and answer all your questions.
  • Investigate and enforce policies according to law, regulation, or other governmental authority.

What length of time do we keep your data?

Your personal information is kept only for as long as there is a legal reason. This includes providing the services or products you requested, complying to our legal and regulatory obligations and resolving any disputes.

The time we keep different types personal information will vary depending on the reasons we obtained it, how we process it, and any legal requirements.

We consider a variety of factors when setting data retention and deletion times, including the applicable rules and standards in betting and gaming, money laundering and taxation, payment processing, complaint handling, and the need to prevent or detect criminal activity or misuse of our services. Some of your personal information will be kept for a time after you have stopped being a customer to ensure compliance with our requirements. We will securely erase them when they are no longer required to fulfill the above requirements or keep them anonymized.

Your rights

These data-related rights are yours:

  • You have the right to be fully informed about how we use personal data. We have therefore included all details in this Privacy Policy.
  • Right to access your personal data by requesting a copy.
  • You have the right to correct any incorrect or incomplete data by contacting us.
  • Right to be erased, also known “Right to be Forgotten” If there is no good reason to keep processing your data, you have the right to ask that we erase it.
  • Right to data portability. This allows you to obtain personal data from a controller in a structured format that is easily readable and commonly used. You can also request that the controller transmit the data to another controller.

For any rights regarding your Personal Data, please contact at

Before we can fulfill any request, we are authorized to verify your identity. We reserve the right to ask for additional verification of your identity in certain circumstances until we are satisfied that the request is valid and legal. These verification measures are used to make sure that your Personal Data is never disclosed to anyone unauthorized.

You have the right of complaint to the supervisory authority if you feel that your privacy rights were violated.

Cookie Section

What is a cookie?

Cookies are tiny text files that are stored in your browser and allow us to recognize you when you visit our site. Cookies are necessary to ensure that certain sections of our website work properly and securely. They are also used to make it easier, faster, and more personal for our visitors and to better understand how they use our website. You can also use them to create more targeted advertising content.

Cookies collect personal information from you when you visit our website. You have the option to accept or reject certain cookies. You can also control these cookies through your browser settings. Our cookie banner will be displayed on our website to inform you. If you continue to visit our website, without changing your browser settings or going to the cookies section below, then we will use cookies as explained in the following sections. It’s important that you understand why different types of cookies are used and how they affect your online experience. This section outlines the main points and explains how you can disable different types of cookies. This will impact your website experience.

Bluechip can also use this information to determine which advertisement brought your to our website. Bluechip may place Bluechip cookies on to your computer. We will not give this information to any third party.

These are the categories of cookies

These cookies fall under the following categories.

  • Only when absolutely necessary. This cookie is essential for you to use the site’s secure areas and register online. These cookies don’t collect any personal information that could be used to market or remember where you’ve been on the Internet. These cookies are vital for us to maintain the website’s performance. We cannot guarantee your security nor predict how our website will perform during your visit if you disable these cookies.
  • Performance. This cookie collects information about your use of our website such as which pages you visit, and whether you encounter any errors. This anonymous information is used to improve the website’s functionality, assess user interest and measure advertising effectiveness.
  • Functionality. This cookie stores your preferences so that you don’t have them reset each time you visit our site. Some cookies are managed by third-parties. They can determine whether you see the oldest or most recent comments on an article. They can also greet you by name and remember your language or region.
  • Segmentation/tracking. These cookies can be used to determine which advertising is most relevant to the website visitor based on what areas they visit.